Jonathan Cocker will be presenting an upcoming paper at the Venice Symposium 2020 organized by the International Waste Working Group on sustainable food packaging in biogas production in partnership with members of the European Union’s Realizing the Transition to the Circular Economy (ReTraCe) program, including Amos Ncube, PhD Candidate at University of Naples ‘Parthenope’  Department of Science and Technology.

Baker McKenzie will be presenting an international webinar on Circular Economy – Expanding Product Life-Cycle Regulations and Impacts on International Businesses. Speakers will include: Jonathan Cocker (Toronto), Graham Stuart (London), Giovani Tomasoni (Sao Paulo), Scott Silverman (Beijing) Tune-in on Thursday,  July 16 at 9 AM CT.

The exponential growth of both on and off-shore wind energy is truly an environmental good news story of the past 25 years. It is estimated that there is no less than 600 gigawatts of wind energy capacity currently installed worldwide and the European Commission, in their long-term de-carbonization strategy to 2050, estimates that wind alone could provide 50% of the EU’s electricity demand by 2050. But with as much as 6 million tons of…

The aviation industry has been hard-hit by the recent pandemic. In many, though not all countries, environmental performance conditions have been placed upon bailouts of various aviation stakeholders. For instance, in Canada, airlines and others receiving federal relief funds must both report and plan on climate change and related sustainability performance and initiatives. With aviation’s recovery in the spotlight, the industry needs to show progress on some environmental metrics, including waste, which will invariably lead…

Jonathan Cocker will moderate a webinar hosted by the Inter-American Development Bank on Plastics Regulation & the Circular Economy in the Pacific Alliance COVID-19 times and beyond. Panelists include Denisa Mertiri, Green Earth Strategy (Canada); Mariana Herrero S, Galicia (Mexico); Guillermo Tejeiro Gutiérrez, Brigard Urrutia (Colombia); Francisco Tong, Rodrigo Elias & Medrano (Peru); Julio Recordon, Carey (Chile). Save the date: July 22, 2020 from 11:00 to 12:30 EST Stay tuned. Details on registration to follow.

With IBA partners from across Latin America, Jonathan Cocker’s article on “Harmonizing Plastics Strategy Across The Pacific Alliance” will be published in the next issue of Environmental Liability: Law, Policy and Practice.

Jonathan Cocker will be moderating a panel on International Developments in Single-Use Plastics Bans hosted by be Waste Wise on Wednesday, June 3, 2020 from 10:00 AM EST. Register Now

Jonathan Cocker will be presenting a webinar on Helping Producers to Manage the Developing Global Agenda Around the Repairability of Electronics, Wednesday, May 27, 2020 at 11:15 AM EST. Register now